issues such as knee pain, back pain, etc. we will be sure to take it all into careful consideration when designing your program. 

 Please download the Par-Q form, fill out and bring to me upon our Consultation, or you can email it to me, whichever you prefer.

fitness consultation

Your FREE one hour Fitness Consultation is a relaxed meeting where we will discuss your specific health & fitness goals, and how they can be achieved through exercise and nutrition. 

We will discuss what type of exercise you have done in the past if any, exercises you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. We will talk about your current diet and what eating habits you would like to improve on, we will discuss how Dynamic Bodies, Personal Training for Women can help you to reach those health and fitness goals and together we will design a program that best suits you. 

We will also review your health & medical history to ensure that we are doing exercises that work

well with and for your body and if there are any adjustments we need to make due to any physical  

Call now for your FREE Fitness Consultation 416-806-6859 or email