Personal Training    

   Plan A: 10 Sessions   

   Plan B: 20 + Sessions   


   $600 plus HST

   $1,100 plus HST

   You and a friend

  $400 each Plus HST

   $800 each Plus HST

Your sessions will include a variety of muscle toning, cardiovascular and stretching all which are very important for your day to day activities, and of course.....looking your best!

We offer strength training, core conditioning, and flexibility training.  AS well as Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit and TRX Suspension Training Fitness Classes.

After a short while of Personal Training sessions you will notice an amazing increase in your strength and overall physique, as well as how great you will feel!

We are excited to help you along this journey of health & wellness!

personal training

Dynamic Bodies is a Personal Training Studio for Women based out of my home studio in Georgetown, Ontario.

We are fully equipped to give you the best workout you need!

With Dynamic Bodies your personal training session will be organized around an individualized fitness plan based on your goals. This plan is derived from your FREE Fitness Consultation which is conducted prior to beginning your sessions. 

As your Personal Trainer we are there to motivate you, coach you, challenge you, and provide you with as much information on fitness and nutrition as we possibly can. You will be shown how to do proper form for each exercise to ensure you are gaining the most  out of every movement you do and to prevent injury. You will also be counseled on proper nutrition.

Refer to chart for Personal Training rates

‚ÄčNutritional Counseling Included